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I continue to be totally flabbergasted at what I see as a huge sea change in American culture.  No doubt it has been building for quite some time, but it recently appears to have hit the “tipping point”.  I am … Continue reading

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Confessions of a Contrarian

Part One: Wherein the author complains about the shortcomings of depending upon technology to do our thinking for us My wife and I marvel at the phantasmagorical fantasies that the current epoch (and “current” in common contemporary parlance means “the … Continue reading

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An Objective Moral Order? Or Merely a Universe of “Facts” and not “Values”? Part One.

In case you haven’t noticed, we are living in an ideological revolution with respect to various social structures such as family, marriage, sex, divorce, etc.   This is not a phenomenon limited to the United States, but is in fact being … Continue reading

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“Some sort of divine intervention or whatever”

I have wanted to post on this topic for quite some time but have lacked the time and energy to do so.  This is just a brief treatment. Mr. Michael Moore, documentarian extraordinaire, in the video here, makes several revealing … Continue reading

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