The Wisdom of Russell Kirk

Over at The Imaginative Conservative, a plug for a recent biography of Russell Kirk by Dr. Bradley J. Birzer, written by Glenn Moots.

I was amused by this:

“So dispirited was Kirk by his subsequent experience in the graduate program at Duke University that he resisted any return to academe and instead worked in the payroll department of a local factory. Dr. Birzer argues that it was wartime conscription that rescued Kirk from his corporate lot in 1942. He used the newfound leisure of Army life to read deeply and broadly from the Western canon, fight against laziness, embrace a stoical worldview, and develop his love of place despite unfamiliarity with the desert wastes. Kirk’s experiences at Ford Motor and in the Army were indeed formative. They made his criticisms of centralization more caustic and solidified his contempt for the mediocrity and homogeneity promoted by corporations, government, Hollywood, and the automobile.

Kirk also confirmed his despair of government solutions, writing of conscription, “Greater self-love has no government than this: that all men must wear Khaki so that some men may be taught to brush their teeth”.”

This contempt for “homogeneity” fostered by our cultural and economic elites is something that I share.


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Erstwhile philosopher and ersatz thinker. Arabic linguist by profession. Dabble with a few other languages. I have a testimony of the gospel of Christ as restored through Joseph Smith. Strong faith in modern prophecy and prophets. Disinclined to be admiring of what passes for "progressiveness" these days.
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