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Yes, God is a Child-Sacrificing, Misogynist, and Racial Bigot

Does the title inspire discomfort?  Good.  It was meant to jar you from a baleful sense of self-complacency and moral superiority.  It is all too human to project our vaunted, sophisticated value system on the very category of “God”.  What … Continue reading

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Blaise Pascal and the God of Abraham

Blaise Pascal (1623-1662) was a French mathematician, physicist, writer, inventor, and philosopher. On the evening of November 23, 1654, he had a mystical religious experience that permanently altered his life.  The following was found written on a piece of paper … Continue reading

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Fatal Flaws of Libertarianism

One can reasonably make a good argument these days that libertarianism is ascendant.  Yes, we are living amidst large progressive gains in politics and society, as evident in the re-election of Barack Obama and recent Pyrrhic defeats in the culture … Continue reading

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