An Objective Moral Order? Or Merely a Universe of “Facts” and not “Values”? Part Two.

In part one, I basically posited that we humans were free moral agents and that this truth therefore implicitly taught of an underlying moral order to the universe.  This moral order is tied intimately with both truth and God and human nature.  (One does not necessarily need to be a religionist in order to subscribe to the notion of an underlying moral order, but I have yet to meet anyone who fits that bill.)

Also, I feel compelled to note that society has stopped taking morality and God seriously a long time ago, so much of what I am about to write will appear as the ravings of a stark mad fool.  Most of my friends in real life would consider everything I’m about to say as pure poppycock, although they wouldn’t use the word “poppycock”.  Nevertheless, I press on.


In this essay we will examine how to find, appreciate, value, and honor this moral order.  This is important for a number of reasons, but one compelling reason is that by doing so we are true to own natures as free moral agents, endowed with the faculty of reason.  This is really a gift from God.

1.  How do we find (or apprehend) this universal moral order?

As humans and as children of God, it is my contention that we are morally obligated to seek Truth.  I also believe that due to our heavenly birthright, we gravitate toward the truth.  There are exceptions of course: sin, crime, and self-deception often blind us to the nature of our intrinsic worth as well as cast dust into our eyes and keep us from seeing “things as they really are”.  However, if one is open to spiritual truth, then one will find oneself on the highroad to spiritual adventure.  This is a quest of the highest order!

Easier said than done, though.  We are often flummoxed in our search for truth.  We often end up going down blind alleyways, dead ends, or end up traversing average scenery, which while interesting in and of itself, doesn’t lead us to our destination.

What we need are maps or guides to facilitate our travel.  I personally believe that the wise God of creation has furnished us the necessary guides to assist us in our journey.  We have the light of conscience, we have holy scriptures, and we have the wisdom of wise men to be a lamp unto our feet.  All three of these factors can be found in all the major religions of humanity.  One does not, of course, have to be a Christian in order to quest and find the objective moral order.

The search will require patience, humility, and a desire to know the truth so that we can be set free.  Pride, arrogance, lust, and the cravings for societal applause will deter us and eventually shipwreck us on the shoals of deception.

The moral order can be found via reason and faith.  One without the other won’t do; we have got to have both in order to fully comprehend not only the truth, but the truth of our relation to the truth itself.  Using both the faculty of reason and our faith in both the journey of life and truth, we can discover the pure waters that God has promised us.

2. Once we find the truth, are we obligated to embrace it?

Once we have drunk deep of the pure waters of truth, what then?  Are we not faced with a difficult choice?  Yes, we most certainly are.  However challenging and hard the journey has been thus far, we are now confronted with an even bigger hardship: the necessity of living up to the truths we have received.  Once we have tasted of the fruit of the tree of life, we are absolutely obligated to embrace this new reality and to stay true to it for the remainder of our mortal lives.

Anything less than this is treason — treason to the royal within us, treason to the truth, and treason to God.

3.  Once embraced, are we not enlisted to defend it?

Since we live in a fallen world, many are those who are marshaled in the ranks of sin.  Some are there out of ignorance, which is perfectly understandable.  They don’t know the truth and have been deceived.  However, some are there in the capacities of sergeants and lieutenants.  There are those who stand mustered with the Enemy not out of ignorance, but out of willful rebellion against the truth.

We who have found and lived the truth of the universe must stand ready to fight — not in the sense of doing violence against others but in the sense of standing up for truth and right regardless of the consequences.

It is my contention that the society in which we live has become so evil in the past few decades that there is an urgent need for men and women of faith and conscience to stand up and not only be counted, but stand ready to fight for moral truth.  If we don’t, I fear that much human misery and pain await us as the reckoning arrives.  The fundamental moral order of the universe demands it.

Postscript: Where can we learn about this moral order?

Many philosophers and sages have taught about the moral order.  (If you object to the fact that they are all dead white men, then I can’t much help you and you may require an intellectual deep cleanse from the sacred secular shibboleths of our benighted era.)  You can begin tentatively by exploring the following:



Holy Bible




They all taught and spoke of moral truths.  One thing I have found is that moral relativists seem to want to bend reality in order for it to meet their vision of what should be, whereas moral objectivists acknowledge reality for what it is and bend their vision to meet it.  It requires humility.  If you don’t want to learn, then you can’t be taught.

In reality, the teachers, guideposts, and signs are all about us.  There is an objective moral order to the universe; God wants His children to embrace it and thereby raise humanity to a new height of spiritual blessedness.


About prophetize

Erstwhile philosopher and ersatz thinker. Arabic linguist by profession. Dabble with a few other languages. I have a testimony of the gospel of Christ as restored through Joseph Smith. Strong faith in modern prophecy and prophets. Disinclined to be admiring of what passes for "progressiveness" these days.
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