Among the Paradoxes of Life

When I was 18 years of age, I thought I knew all the answers to the questions of life.  Now that I am 18 times 2, I have found that I hardly know the right questions to ask, let alone the answers.  How is it that I am now certain that I know very little, when back then I was convinced I knew most everything?


About prophetize

Erstwhile philosopher and ersatz thinker. Arabic linguist by profession. Dabble with a few other languages. I have a testimony of the gospel of Christ as restored through Joseph Smith. Strong faith in modern prophecy and prophets. Disinclined to be admiring of what passes for "progressiveness" these days.
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2 Responses to Among the Paradoxes of Life

  1. Agellius says:

    I have had exactly the same experience. I think we have learned that we were wrong about so many things that we thought we were right about, that we are now more cautious about pronouncing ourselves right. The process of learning that we were wrong is enlightening, because we realized that there were more aspects to the problem than we knew of when we thought we were right. The more things we learn about, the more we learn how many aspects there are to everything, and the more we realize how many of those aspects we know nothing about. So now we’re to the point of assuming that we know very little, even about things that we know something about.

    Thus, we couldn’t know how little we knew about things, until we came to know more about them!


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