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Much has been said in very recent weeks regarding the dastardly atrocities of Gosnell.  [For those who are blissfully not addicted to news, Gosnell is the name of a partial birth abortionist who is on trial for murder.  He botched … Continue reading

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Great Summary from the Maverick Philosopher

The Maverick Philosopher has a great summary of thought regarding the essence of religion.  Some of what he says ties in beautifully with the notion of an unseen moral order.  He quotes William James, who was a world famous philosopher … Continue reading

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An Objective Moral Order? Or Merely a Universe of “Facts” and not “Values”? Part Two.

In part one, I basically posited that we humans were free moral agents and that this truth therefore implicitly taught of an underlying moral order to the universe.  This moral order is tied intimately with both truth and God and … Continue reading

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I continue to be totally flabbergasted at what I see as a huge sea change in American culture.  No doubt it has been building for quite some time, but it recently appears to have hit the “tipping point”.  I am … Continue reading

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Among the Paradoxes of Life

When I was 18 years of age, I thought I knew all the answers to the questions of life.  Now that I am 18 times 2, I have found that I hardly know the right questions to ask, let alone … Continue reading

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