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Why Loyalty to the Church as an Institution is Part of the Baptismal Covenant

As I survey the “Bloggernacle”, I see and hear many disparate voices competing for attention.  The most strident of these voices are those who seem to have a bone to pick with the Church, whether administratively, constitutionally, or with doctrine … Continue reading

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Slavoj Žižek

Occasionally, a book will catch my eye.  I will feign resistance, but then it gets the better of me.  This happened recently at the county library, where I came upon a book by Slavoj Žižek entitled “Less Than Nothing: Hegel … Continue reading

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Why Do I Believe?

I was anticipating a different subject or topic.  I was desperately wishing for my mind to delve into something a bit more controversial – something political or the vast online schism that exists between faithful believers like me and the … Continue reading

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Jefferson Was a Radical

I heartily endorse two pieces out this morning.  I agree with the basic sum and substance of their messages. Thomas Jefferson was a radical. You can even make the argument that he was a radical libertarian.  Albert Jay Nock did. … Continue reading

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Solar myths, echoes, or irrational quantities

A hearty welcome to my new blog.  Previous attempts were half-hearted and desultory, and so now again I seek to proclaim myself to the ether.  As briefly alluded to on my about page, this is where I will express many … Continue reading

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