Requesting Input

One of my goals in starting a blog was to create a place where “Mormons” could have discussions on various topics. There are, of course, dozens, if not hundreds, of blogs that cater to that purpose.

However, I wanted to create a place where anybody could contribute and express their opinions without having to worry about a coterie of elitists invalidating their opinions. Common, normal, everyday “Mormons”, with or without advanced degrees. The credentials are really immaterial to what I hope to achieve in this space. What I want is to get people thinking and sharing and expressing. Respectful discourse will always be the norm, not the exception. I will always try to keep people from getting unglued.

That being said, I would like to extend a friendly “Hello!” to the cyberworld and to the Bloggernacle-at-large. I welcome you to come here and comment on the various issues and ideas that I put forth here in the beginning. And hopefully, we can create a haven for intellectual discourse that will respect what you all bring to the table.

Oh, and by the way…there are very few topics that will not be allowed. We’re adults, and controversy is ok. The only things I won’t really allow are blatant attempts at heresy and over-the-top sexuality. I can explain further the more we get into this.

Please feel free to write me at mtowns (at) if you have input, ideas, suggestions, or simply want to initiate a conversation. I really hope to get Prophetize up and rocking. Or grooving, as the case may be.


About prophetize

Erstwhile philosopher and ersatz thinker. Arabic linguist by profession. Dabble with a few other languages. I have a testimony of the gospel of Christ as restored through Joseph Smith. Strong faith in modern prophecy and prophets. Disinclined to be admiring of what passes for "progressiveness" these days.
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