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“Progress in the Middle East”

I always enjoy reading Krauthammer. His latest article details how real progress is being made in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Advertisements

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“Alone in the Pews”

Demographics is definitely having an impact upon the membership of the Church.  An interesting little article in Time magazine:,9171,1137681,00.html  Postponing marriage and family is a trend that has gained stream for quite some time.  My question: what will the … Continue reading

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“Mr. Prophet!”

Well, here is one way to get a prophet’s attention….  It makes me curious as to which online documents she was so concerned about.

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Requesting Input

One of my goals in starting a blog was to create a place where “Mormons” could have discussions on various topics. There are, of course, dozens, if not hundreds, of blogs that cater to that purpose. However, I wanted to … Continue reading

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Of Abortion and Forgiveness

I shall post some interesting links every now and then. This one pertains to abortion…and is a rather remarkable story intrinsically. It details the story of a woman who has struggled with cerebral palsy due to her birth mother’s botched … Continue reading

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