December 7, 2005

“Progress in the Middle East”

Posted in Politics at 2:24 pm by Michael Towns

I always enjoy reading Krauthammer.

His latest article details how real progress is being made in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

December 6, 2005

“Alone in the Pews”

Posted in Society at Large at 5:39 pm by Michael Towns

Demographics is definitely having an impact upon the membership of the Church.  An interesting little article in Time magazine:,9171,1137681,00.html 

Postponing marriage and family is a trend that has gained stream for quite some time.  My question: what will the future impact be on American Mormon numbers since couples my age and younger will be having fewer children?

As my dad jokingly says when he’s chided on not showing up for a service project, “I’m still trying to follow Spencer W. Kimball’s counsel to have as many children as I can.  This keeps me quite busy!”  Has the emphasis really changed all that much?  Is this merely one of the many side effects of post-modern American materialism?  We are collectively richer than ever before in terms of basic necessities of life, yet we are just not having as many kids.  A fascinating trend with quite a few implications for the future.

“Mr. Prophet!”

Posted in Humorous at 5:29 pm by Michael Towns

Well, here is one way to get a prophet’s attention…. 

It makes me curious as to which online documents she was so concerned about.

Requesting Input

Posted in General at 5:15 pm by Michael Towns

One of my goals in starting a blog was to create a place where “Mormons” could have discussions on various topics. There are, of course, dozens, if not hundreds, of blogs that cater to that purpose.

However, I wanted to create a place where anybody could contribute and express their opinions without having to worry about a coterie of elitists invalidating their opinions. Common, normal, everyday “Mormons”, with or without advanced degrees. The credentials are really immaterial to what I hope to achieve in this space. What I want is to get people thinking and sharing and expressing. Respectful discourse will always be the norm, not the exception. I will always try to keep people from getting unglued.

That being said, I would like to extend a friendly “Hello!” to the cyberworld and to the Bloggernacle-at-large. I welcome you to come here and comment on the various issues and ideas that I put forth here in the beginning. And hopefully, we can create a haven for intellectual discourse that will respect what you all bring to the table.

Oh, and by the way…there are very few topics that will not be allowed. We’re adults, and controversy is ok. The only things I won’t really allow are blatant attempts at heresy and over-the-top sexuality. I can explain further the more we get into this.

Please feel free to write me at mtowns (at) if you have input, ideas, suggestions, or simply want to initiate a conversation. I really hope to get Prophetize up and rocking. Or grooving, as the case may be.

December 5, 2005

Of Abortion and Forgiveness

Posted in Politics at 2:45 pm by Michael Towns

I shall post some interesting links every now and then. This one pertains to abortion…and is a rather remarkable story intrinsically.

It details the story of a woman who has struggled with cerebral palsy due to her birth mother’s botched abortion.  She was in her seventh month in the womb when the abortion was attempted.

November 27, 2005

If Romney Runs

Posted in Politics at 10:00 pm by Michael Towns

I have some serious reservations about Mitt Romney running for President. After all, he’s a Mormon.

Now, why would a Mormon (the author of this post) say such a thing about a fellow member of the true Church? Am I anti-Republican, and ergo anti-Romney? No, that would not be accurate. While I am not a Republican currently, I was a fervent member of the Grand Old Party for quite a few years. Do I hold some sort of grudge against a man who was born in wealth and educated in the sacred halls of both the Harvard Business School and the Harvard Law School? (See Wikipedia for more details).

No, it is absolutely fair to say that I bear this man no grudge and no ill-will. He’s handsome with more than a little bit of JFK-ishness; he’s obviously extremely intelligent; and he possesses uncanny political skills. After all, he’s a Republican governor of one of the more liberal states in the U.S.

My uneasiness lies with the fact that I don’t think America will be serviced by a Mormon President. And likewise, I don’t think that our Church will be blessed because we have a Mormon in the White House. Why? Why would I make such ribald statements?

Because, to be quite blunt, the American political system is totally and completely corrupted. I no longer believe that any man or woman can win the Presidency unless he or she makes concessions and deals with organizations and people that represent the dark side of the universe. I no longer believe that you can be President and afford to be completely honest 100% of the time. Why? Because that honesty will hang you by the throat.

Assuming Romney runs, and it appears likely that he is going to, then we just might see a Romney-Clinton race in 2008. Christian evangelicals are going to withold their support because they cannot countenance a Mormon President anymore than a Protestant could countenance a Muslim one. And, assuming Romney wins the biggest prize in American politics, we might end up with Mormons not countenancing a Mormon President, for at least a couple of reasons: it will divide the membership of the Church even more than it is already, and when the inevitable Romney scandal surfaces, it will not reflect kindly on the Church.

Thoughts? Opinions? I just thought that I would throw my reservations out there into the ether and see if anybody has anything they would like to share.

November 22, 2005

Bloggernacle Beware

Posted in General at 3:05 pm by Michael Towns

I’d like to reclaim Mormon blogging from the intellegentsia. Yeah, you know who you are. Those high-brow blogs smack of arrogant elitism…I’m bringing Mormon blogging back to the people.

In the process, this place will be a great haven to those seeking to comment on current events, society, doctrine, or anything and everything related to Mormon arcana. And the best part is, you don’t even need to have a degree from Harvard to participate. ;)

“I intend to lay a foundation that will revolutionize the whole world.” — Joseph Smith


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